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Are you still looking for a Madison Park home to buy?  Here’s Why & How We Can Help:

Madison Park Waterfront HomesThe leaves are off the trees and we are deep in the holidays, and Madison Park real estate inventory is still in high demand. Looking at single family residential only  (no Madison Park condos for sale in this batch), there have been only 38 Madison Park homes sold this year. In addition to these, there is one pending.  If you are looking for a Madison Park home for sale, then it is helpful to know Madison Park Realtors who know this Seattle neighborhood and can tell you what might be coming on the market soon. We happen to have a few tips we can help you with when looking as well.***

***Molly and I have been talking to Madison Park sellers and are aware of what is coming around the corner in terms of inventory.  Please email us for more info: or call/text 206-850-8841

Here is a quick review on what has sold in Madison Park so far this year:

Madison Park Homes for sale (sold so far in 2016)

Madison Park Sold homes 2016 Details

  • Average Market Time The interesting stats about these sold Madison Park homes is that there was an average market time of 30 days with a range of 1day on the market to 169 days on the market.
  • Average Square Footage: 2697
  • Average Dollar Per Square Foot $522.80
  • Average Final Sales Price to List Price Percentage 103.75%
  • Average List Price $1,336,201
  • Median Sales Price $1,262,500 (range of sales price of $650,000 to $2,800,000)

Lowest Priced sold Madison Park homes in 2016:

2926 E Republican St – a 2 bedroom, 1 bath 1280 square foot home listed for $549,880 and sold for $656,000  – 119.30% over list.  Closed 6/30/2016.

3223 E Madison St – a 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath 1970 square foot home listed for $650,000 and sold for $650,000 – 100% of list. Closed 8/31/2016.

Highest Priced sold Madison Park homes in 2016:

1520 38th Ave E – a 6 bedroom, 4.25 bath 4740 square foot home listed for $2,795,000 and sold for $2,800,000  – 100.18% over list.  Closed 4/27/2016.

2259 40th Ave E- a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath 3620 square foot home listed for $2,100,000 and sold for $2,085,000 – 99.29% of list. Closed 3/18/2016.

Tips On Pricing Strategies and Selling Your Madison Park Home for Over List:

If you are thinking about listing your Madison Park home for sale or just curious what it might be worth, please let us know.  We can show you how pricing strategies can really make a difference in receiving the very most return on your investment. For instance, look at some of these numbers:

  • 2329 42nd Ave E Listed for $1,930,000 and sold on 3/10/2016 for $2,260,000 (117.10% of list)
  • 2328 McGilvra Blvd E Listed for $1,950,000 and sold on 11/1/16 for $2,000,000 (102.56% of list)
  • 2236 38th Pl E listed for $1,995,000 and sold on 6/9/2016 for $2,205,000 (110.53% of list)

“The above pricing strategy is in contrast to listing it at slightly above $2M to try and get a buyer to negotiate to at least the $2M mark.   The same strategy works at the $1M mark as well. We are happy to talk to you about it if you would like.”

– Courtney Cooper