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Bringing In The Most Money For Your Madison Park Home: Madison Park Real Estate As A Niche Market Will Give You The Highest Return

Madison Park homes for saleTake A Niche Marketing Approach –  Accept that Seattle’s Madison Park is not just a neighborhood, but is a true niche market.

niche  niCH,nēSH/ as an adjective   denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.
Instead of looking for the historical “best  Madison Park Realtor” or company that everyone has used for years, hire a niche specialist who brings a fresh but proven sales and marketing approach. Ask for referrals and ask for examples of that success.  Molly and I recently closed on a Madison Park home for sale and were surprised at how many of the things we always do to sell our listings were not known to the seller or nearby neighbors.
We still include all the basic tried and true neighborhood marketing tasks, but we go further. Our focus on niche marketing has enabled us to come us with a more targeted approach which we can then apply to our Madison Park listings.  If you think about it, Madison Park is not just a neighborhood market, but truly a niche and who better to sell a Madison Park home for top dollar than someone who focuses on niche marketing?

Looking at basic aspects of Madison Park as a Specialty MarketMadison Park homes

All Seattle neighborhoods are unique, but Madison Park stands out as a prime niche marketing candidate for several reasons which make is special as compared to other Seattle neighborhoods.
Mix of Housing – About 60% single family and 40% condo make is appealing to many different phases of living and housing needs.  There are Madison Park historical homes, Madison Park waterfront homes, Washington Park homes, Broadmoor homes, Madison Park condos, Madison Park luxury homes, Madison Park waterfront condos, over the water condos, etc.
Geographically limited  so is naturally in high demand –the economics of supply and demand contributing factors plus the whole neighborhood is highly walkable as demonstrated by the WalkScores of many of the Madison Park homes.
Appointment – Madison Park is situated between Lake Washington Arboretum and Lake Washington so it appeals to nature lovers.  It is also close to Downtown Seattle for an easy commute.
Historical – There were floating homes here, a trolley to Downtown, industry, playgrounds, architecture.  All this adds to the charm and desire and need to be a part of this neighborhood.
High Quality Urban Center – People who live in Madison Park do not need to leave their neighborhood.  This is a huge appeal for people looking for a special place to live.

Why choose a Real Estate Niche Marketer who knows your neighborhood versus just a Neighborhood Specialist

In short, a Realtor who is a Real Estate Niche Specialist in Madison Park will be able to actually use their expertise to target each of the various audiences that Madison Park and all of its wonderful facets attract.  Niche marketing is a multi targeted business across many detailed platforms. It isn’t just putting the for sale sign up, inputting into the MLS, sending out postcards,  and advertising on Zillow, etc.  A Madison Park Real Estate Niche Specialist will do all of those basic listing tasks as well, but will take it many steps further in many different specified directions. The goal is to be hyper targeted on the very detailed buyer audiences which are identified as the most likely to purchase your home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

Madison Park Niche Market Case Study:  1803 39th Ave E, Seattle WA 98112

This is a great example. You can see this home and all of the pictures at this link.  It is at the top of the Madison Park homes for sale as an example of one of our latest successes.  This is one of our Real Estate Niche Marketing Projects.  Here are the simple MLS marketing remarks for this Madison Park home for sale: 

Built in 1904, this sensitively remodeled Madison Park house saves the best of the past: original floors & trim, high ceilings, paned windows, plus both modern & rustic details resulting in a stylish, completely one of a kind home. Perfect for open door living & entertaining on the wrap-around covered porch. Large eat-in kitchen w/ unique cabinet & kitchen island. Ideal Seattle living including Lake Washington, beach, bars, restaurants, & shopping. Close to downtown, close to perfect.

We were able to get it sold for 11.5% over list price in just 12 hours. Here is the announcement of this sale:

Closed! We will excel at marketing your Madison Park home – This one sold for 11.5% over list price on Day 1. BTW – We listed the house for $335,000 more than the highest recommendation from other brokers because we wanted to get the most return for our seller. We employ expert social media & advertising tactics, write on interesting blogs, allow only stellar photography – including drone shots, and more to get your home sold – On our dime, not yours. Please let us know how we can help YOU.

Madison Park listing specialistsOther local neighborhood experts told this seller that they should list their home for no more than $1.6M.  This was shocking to us because we could see all of the different buyer audiences that this Madison Park property would appeal to. We listed it for $1,995,000.  I imagine our seller might have been very nervous based on the numbers that had previously been provided by other Madison Park Realtors, but we went through all the benefits of niche marketing and why we should utilize it for this property. This house was so great that it appealed to pretty much anyone, but being laser focused on niche target markets was the key to our success.  We received an exceptional cash offer prior to the review date and closed with a final sales price of $2,225,000!

Please let me know if you are interested in seeing how we can apply our real estate niche marketing expertise to your home sale.  We don’t charge more for this service or our drone photography for that matter.  It is part of the package of benefits that we provide for the same price as just hiring a residential broker. We are happy to walk you through our value and look forward to hearing about your plans and how we can help exceed your goals.

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